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The New York City based duo of Sho-Biz and Jay Storm, collectively known as Da YoungFellaz have used their independent grind and resiliency to catapult them to varying levels of success, all with little to no help outside of their immediate circle. It is not everyday that a Hip-Hop act can nab a Spellemannprisen Award, often credited as being the Grammy's of Norway, all of this while being extensively covered on many of media's biggest platforms. Since formally beginning their journey in 2012, the duo has released several projects, all with original music.

In their time, Da YoungFellaz have collaborated with Hip-Hop luminaries such as Rockwilder, Erick Sermon, Snoop Dogg, Nipsey Hussle and several others. Outside of the musical realm, they have applied their business sense into their independent label, New Rich Entertainment, successfully circulating their projects via innovative marketing tactics and ingenuity. Drawing fans from across the globe, their music has accumulated over 2,000,000+ streams respectively. Their business sense was further cemented when Da YoungFellaz acquired sponsorships from brands such as Heavy Water Vodka, Filter017, Jimmy Taverniti and Moods of Norway.

Armed with natural music talents, self-sufficient business acumen, a growing number of fans and the attention of corporate America, as well as the music industries elite, the sky is the limit for the pair out of New York City's underground. It is smart to bet your money on Da YoungFellaz as being the new benchmark for Hip-Hop culture.

Sho-Biz / Jay Storm

Sho-Biz / Jay Storm


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Holy Grail

Da YoungFellaz feat. Breana Marin

Produced by Mantra