Still Representin' (Music Video)

In an age of cookie cutter homogenized rap, Da YoungFellaz, Jay Storm of the South Bronx and Sho-Biz from Crown Heights Brooklyn, bring a breath of fresh air straight from Hip-Hop’s essence. Matching new school wittiness with old school sensibilities, the duo flex their lyrical muscle over HitmakerDot produced “Still Representin”, which lifts its sample from Nas’ “Represent” from his seminal debut “Illmatic”. The track surfaces just in time for the 20th anniversary celebration of the Hip-Hop classic. Da YoungFellaz look forward to unveiling their forthcoming project “The New York Times”, which showcase their interpretations of their favorite 90s cuts with a nextgen appeal.

Braggin Rights [I Love The Doe]

Bronx native Jay Storm and Brooklyn native Sho-Biz make up the fast rising NYC rap collective Da YoungFellaz. These 2 young emcees have been burning instrumental after instrumental as they prep their new project, "The New York Times," for a June 29th debut. Today Da YoungFellaz leak their newest single, "Braggin' Rights," in which HitMakerDot provides a smooth flip of Biggie & Jay-Z's "I Love The Dough." If you haven't already figured it out by now this project will consist of classic 90's flips of that good old music back when New York City hip-hop was on top of its game.